Winter 2017/18

Pattern #4, Fringed Sleeve Pullover

Photo on page 47, instructions on page 77.
Updated: 14May2018

A corrected chart 4 is posted here. [PDF 317KB]

Pattern #9, Viking Wrap

Photo on pages 56 and 57, instructions on page 85.
Updated: 22Feb2019

Corrections are underlined.

3 skeins in P955 (A lightest)
5 skeins each in B, C and D
3 skeins in P951 (E darkest)

Pattern #11, Fitted Dress

Photo on page 60, instructions on page 87.
Updated: 09Jan2018

Corrections are underlined

Row 15
K17, ssk, k12, k2tog, k17—48 sts.

Pattern #21, Fair Isle Crew

Photo on page 104, instructions on page 98.
Updated: 14May2018

A corrected chart 2 is posted here. [PDF 524KB]