Designer Notes: Hooded Raglan Pullover

Jacqueline van Dillen shares her design inspiration and offers tips for knitting her hit hoodie.

Designer Notes: Hooded Raglan Pullover
Hooded Raglan Pullover (VKSS14_24)

With its lacy cable panels and luxuriously textured yoke and hood, it’s no wonder that Jacqueline van Dillen’s #24 Hooded Raglan Pullover from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2014 became an instant favorite. Below, van Dillen tells us how she dreamed up her design and lends our readers some of her pro knitting tips. 

On designing:

  • “I wanted to make a sweater that was comfortable, feminine and cozy, inspired by the college hoodies my kids wear. The center lace panel ensures that the sweater looks less bumbling and bulky [than a traditional hoodie]. The [purl I-cord] drawstring is easy to make and looks much better than just a crochet chain.”

On knitting:

  • To rejoin the kangaroo pocket with the pocket lining, instead of sewing, “knitting together 1 stitch of the body with 1 stitch of the pocket [across the row] makes it easier because the pocket is already lined up.”
  • To ensure that your sweater looks as polished the one pictured in the magazine, “use the same yarn as recommended in the pattern. [When you] block the pieces to measurements, have the sweater dry under a damp cloth. This allows for better flow of the fabric.”