Don’t know how to read a pattern? Have you just started knitting or crocheting and want some great beginner tips? Our How-to section is filled with easy-to-follow instructions for nearly any knitting or crocheting question out there!

Pattern Reading
At first glance, knitting instructions can look intimidating. They seem to be written in a completely different language from the one you're used to and contain all sorts of new concepts and abbreviations that you're not familiar with. Follow along as we help you decipher the knitter's code. Learn More 

Frequently Used Techniques
Whether you're an advanced knitter or a novice, you'll need these go-to methods in your repertoire. Refer here for essential tips for casting on, binding off and other must-know knitting skills used in many of our patterns. Learn More 

Techniques and Abbreviations
When you first start working with knitting patterns, you’ll notice that they seem to be written in a completely different language. What, after all, does “*K1, p1; rep from *” mean? Here we list and describe the most common terms you’ll run across. Learn More 

Learn to Knit
Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting! From casting on to basic techniques, you'll find all the information, straightforward instructions, clear diagrams and illustrations that you need to get those needles clicking and stitching. Learn More