Shiri Mor Shares Her Top 3 Tips for the Vogue Knitting Holiday 2014 Hooded Waistcoat

We picked the design virtuoso’s brain for her insider knitting tips.

Replete with steampunk style, Shiri Mor’s Hooded Waistcoat, featured in Vogue Knitting Holiday 2014, is sure to become one of the issue’s top hits. Cable panels, fully-fashioned shaping, and intricate pleating make this a heart-pounding knit, but follow her knitting tips, and you’ll be vamping it up in no time. 

– “When working pleats, lay your work down on a table for support. You will have to use several tools simultaneously, like needles and cable needles, and the toughest part is holding them up all at the same time. Take your time when working the pleating rows.”

– “The sleeves have a long, tapered look because of the vertical rib. This stitch pattern gives visual lengthwise stripes and also causes the fabric to cling to the arm. Be sure to not block or flatten the sleeves, as this could result in too much ease around the arm.”

– “The buttons on the back button bands are purely decorative, rather than functional. Stick a round of Velcro on the back of your buttons to make them easily removable, and experiment with interchangeable colors and styles!”