We Interview the Llamas on the Lam

Chasing a dream and becoming a meme

By Christina Behnke

We Interview the Llamas on the LamTwo weeks ago, two Sun City, AZ llamas made national headlines when, during an animal therapy visit to an assisted living facility, they escaped and made a break for freedom. They were eventually captured, but not before establishing a reputation as the first big Internet meme of 2015. Vogue Knitting located the llamas at their Sun City ranch, where they agreed to speak with us via translator. 

VK: First, we just need to clarify one thing: this is your first interview with the press, correct?

Black llama: You bet. Buzzfeed thought they got the scoop, but that was an alpaca.

White llama: Complete imposter. Obviously we’d only speak to the media as a team.

VK: Can you explain what happened from your own perspective?

White llama: There’s a rumor going around that we got spooked and made a run for it, which is so insulting.

Black llama: We’re not horses!

White llama: Don’t believe what you hear—we planned this ahead of time. We were headed for Hollywood before we got separated.

Black llama: It didn’t help that we weren’t sure which way Hollywood was.

White llama: Those [unintelligible] lassos always seem to come out of nowhere.

VK: How long had you been planning your escape?

White llama: Roughly a few weeks. We’d been discussing doing it on a Friday afternoon for peak viral factor, but ultimately we went for Thursday. Marketing experts might call it an unconventional choice, but it was totally worth the risk.

Black llama: Thursday was also when they took us out in the trailer.

White llama: Yes, that too.

VK: You had some great publicity going until #TheDress happened.

White llama: Don’t even get us started!

Black llama: What a lot of people don’t realize is that there’s serious debate going on about the color of our fleece.

VK: How so?

White llama: Well, my coat is really ecru, not white, and her fleece has chestnut highlights from the sun…

Black llama: I think you mean mahogany.

White llama: See what I mean?

VK: Regardless, you’ve certainly made a name for yourselves. What’s next?

Black llama: We wouldn’t say no to a reality show contract, but that would only be a stepping-stone to what we really want to do. Our true passion is fashion!

White llama: We’re not just about the llama drama.

VK: You sound like the real deal.

Black llama: Oh, yes. In fact, we’re hoping to start our own yarn line.

VK: Oh, really?

Black llama: From our own backs!

White llama: It’s limited-edition.

VK: I see. Well, black and white does seem to be a continuing a fashion trend.

Black llama: That’s what we’re counting on.

White llama: Don’t you mean ecru and chestnut?

Black llama: Mahogany.

This interview has been condensed and edited.