Early Fall 2012

Pattern #1, Lace Coat

Photo on page 51, instructions begin on page 80.
Updated: 26Jul2012

Revised charts have been posted:

Pattern #10, Ruffle Trim Vest

Photo on page 59, instructions begin on page 89.
Updated: 15Feb2013

A corrected Chart #1 is available. Click to download. [PDF 27KB].

Pattern #25, Rib and Bobble Vest

Photo on page 70, instructions begin on page 105.
Updated: 20Jul2012

STITCH KEY, page 106

k1 tbl should read – “k1 tbl on RS, p1 tbl on WS”

Pattern #32, Leg Warmers

Photo on page 76, instructions begin on page 110.
Updated: 31Jul2012

Correction is underlined.

Rnds 2 and 4 are incorrect and should read as follows-
Rnds 2 and 4 *K8, p2; rep from * around.

Pattern #36, Colorblock Tops

Photo on pages 38 and 39, instructions begin on page 111.
Updated: 02Feb2015

Correction is underlined.

Back, Beg pretty pastels colorblock pat
Stitch count at end of following row should be 85 (95, 105, 115, 125).

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