Fall 1997

Pattern #1

Row 4 of the Fluted rib should read: 

Row 4 K2, *p5, k3; rep from *, end p5, k2.

Pattern #2

Pattern #2

Updated 21Jan2018 Shown on pages 50 & 51, instructions begin on page 92. The chart on pages 92–93 should be titled #3 Chart 2.   The second (lower) chart on page 94 should be titled #3 Chart 3. Stitch Glossary The last entry (top of first column on page 94) should be labeled 9-st FLC.

Pattern #13

Here are clearer copies of the charts.

Pattern #14

For information regarding the yarn and hardware for the purse, #14, contact: 

Judi & Co.
18 Gallatin Dr
Dix Hills NY 11746
Phone: (516) 499-8480

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

Pattern #25

Here is the correct key for the charts.

Pattern #35

Correction for sleeve cap shaping
Raglan cap shaping 
Bind off 3 (3, 4, 4) sts at beg of next 2 rows
For sizes X-Small and Small only
Next row (RS)
 K2, ssk, k to last 4 sts, k2tog, k2.
Next row (WS) P2, p2tog, p to last 4 sts, p2tog tbl, p2.
Rep last 2 rows twice more, then cont to work decs on RS rows only 10 (12) times —11 (11) sts.
For sizes Medium and Large only
Next row (RS)
 K2, ssk, k to last 4 sts, k2tog, k2. P 1 row. Rep last 2 rows 16 (18) times more — 15 sts.

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