Fall 2002

Pattern #1

Page 103

Note: To work chart, work rows 1-37 once, then continue to repeat rows 10-37 for pat.

Pattern #3

6th row down should read:
Next rnd K 58 (63, 67, 70, 73) sts.

Pattern #25

photo on pg 101, instrux beg on pg 142 

The sleeve schematic is incorrectly labeled. The measurement above the sleeve refers to the widest part of the sleeve, just before the raglan shaping begins. It does not refer to the bound-off edge of the sleeve.

Pattern #26

Yarn amounts for #020 Black are 27 (28, 30) balls.

Pattern #27, Irish Moss

Updated: 20Jan2015

A corrected chart is available to download. [PDF 27KB]

Pattern #43

Charts on page 160 

Cable 2— at left-hand side, last 12 rows, should read: “68-row rep” (instead of 28-row rep).
Cable 3—at left-hand side, the first 4 rows, should read “rep for 128 rows” (instead of 20 rows).
Cable 4—at left-hand side, the first 6 rows, should read: “rep for 86 rows”.

Pattern #44

Panel B 
Rows 2 and 8 should end K3, not P3.

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