Fall 2009

Pattern #1, Long Coat

Photo on page 66, instructions on page 102
Updated: 09Oct2009 

Correction is underlined.


Cast on 42 sts. Work in Rev St st for 6 rows. Cont in Rev St st and inc 1 st each side…

Pattern #6, Multi-Pattern Cardigan

Photo on page 71, instructions on page 108 
Updated: 05May2010

Correction is underlined.

Ribbed cable panel
Row 8 was omitted from pattern, replace rows 2-7 with the following:

Rows 2-8 K the knit and p the purls.

Pattern #8, Lace Panel Gloves

Photo on page 73, instructions on page 111
Updated: 29Sep2009 

Replace the following sentence entirely.

Left Glove
Next row (WS) *P1, k1 from first row by inserting LH needle from back to front into the bump of the st peeking through scrap yarn and k tbl; rep from * to end – 54 sts.

Pattern #9, Eyelet Cap

Photo on page 74, instructions on page 112
Updated: 15Oct2009 

Correction is underlined.



2 skeins of Kia Ora/Zealana Rimu 4-ply fingering (also listed as Sport Baby) in #3 riverbank is used for this hat.

Pattern #11, Vine and Leaf Beret

Photo on page 75, instructions on pages 113, 114 
Updated: 27Jul2009

For size Small only
Next (inc) rnd *P1, M1R. k2, M1R, k3, M1R, k2, M1L, p1; rep from * around – 182 sts.

For size Medium only
Next (inc) rnd *P1, [M1R, k3] twice, M1R, k2, p1; rep from * around – 182 sts.

Pattern #19, Sleeveless Cardigan

Photo on pages 80 and 81, instructions on pages 119
Updated: 27May2010 

Corrections are underlined.


Armhole shaping
Bind off 2 sts at beg of next 6 RS rows  – 43 (49, 55, 61, 67) sts.
Work even as directed.

Cast on 2 sts at beg of next 6 RS rows  – 55 (61, 67, 73, 79) sts.
Cont as directed.

Pattern #20, Duo-Tone Cardi

Photo on page 82, instructions on page 119
Updated: 09Nov2009 

Corrections are underlined.


Row 2 With MC, knit.
Row 4 With CC, knit.

Pattern #26, Cropped Jacket

Photo on page 89, instructions on page 125
Updated: 27Jul2009 

Corrections are underlined.

6 (7, 8, 8) 3.5/100g balls (each approx 110yd/100m) of Reynolds/JCA, Inc. Lopi (Icelandic wool) in #9964 ochre tweed.

Pattern #27, Fair Isle Collared Jacket

Photo on page 90, instructions on page 126
Updated: 09Sep2009 

Corrections are underlined.

4(5, 6) 3½oz/100g hanks (each approx 110yd/100m) of Debbie Bliss/KFI Luxury Tweed Combo in #14 yellow (MC)
3(4, 4) 1¾oz/50g balls (each approx 96yd/88m) of Debbie Bliss/KFI Luxury Tweed Aran in #6 eggplant (A)

Pattern #29, Hooded Vest

Photo on page 92, instructions on page 129
Updated: 10Aug2009 

Replace the following stitch pattern:

Seeded rib stitch
(multiple of 4 sts plus 1)
Row 1 (WS) P1, *k3, p1; rep from * to end.
Row 2 K2, p1, *k3, p1; rep from *, end k2.

Delete the following line of instruction – Work in St st for 2″/5cm, end with a RS row.

Pattern #33, Peplum Cardigan

Photo on pages 96 and 97, instructions on page 133
Updated: 06Jan2010 


1. Bottom rib
Work in Fisherman’s rib for 3.5”/9cm, then cont to follow pattern as written.

1. Work eyelet row as written.
Knit 4 rows, inc 29 (33) sts evenly spaced -79 (87) sts.

Beg Fisherman’s Rib
Next row (RS) K1, [K1B, p1] to last 2 sts, end K1B, k1.
Keeping first and last st as St st, work 3 more rows of Fisherman’s rib.

Beg sleeve pattern
Row 1 (RS)
  K1, p2tog, *[K1B, p1] 8 (9) times, K1B, pm, VI, p1, VI, pm, [K1B, p1] 8 (9) times, K1B *, S2KP (slip 2 sts tog, k1, pass 2 sl sts over k1), pm on the st formed by S2KP; rep from * to * once more, end p2tog, k1.
Next row and all WS rows Keeping first and last st as St st, cont in Fisherman’s Rib, working inc’d sts into pat.
Row 3 K1, p2tog, *rib to marker, sm, VI, K1B, p1, K1B, VI, sm*, rib to 1 st before S2KP marker, S2KP; rep from * to * once more, rib to last 3 sts, p2tog, k1 .

Cont to in this way to work incs and decs until length directed in magazine, moving up S2KP marker when necessary.

2. Delete “Change to smaller circular needle” at beg of next paragraph.

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