Fall 2015

Pattern #3, Scoop-Neck Pullover

Photo on page 59, instructions begin on page 90. 
Updated: 09Sept2015

A corrected chart is posted here. [PDF 25KB]

Pattern #4, Traveling Cable Mittens

Photo on page 60, instructions begin on page 92.
Updated: 08Mar2016 

Correction is underlined.

Under Note 2:
When working chart, work rnds 1–41 once, then rep rnds 32–41 three times, then work rnds 72–96.

Pattern #5, Seamless Cap

Photo on page 60, instructions begin on page 93. 
Updated: 25Aug2015

In chart key, symbol for ‘k1, yo, k1 in same st’ should read ‘(k1, yo, k1) in same st, turn, p3, turn, k3’. A corrected chart key is posted here. [PDF 26KB]

Pattern #9, Arrowhead Top

Photo on page 64, instructions begin on page 96.
Updated: 12Oct2015 

To clarify the shaping process in the yoke, after the 3 additional center dec 4 sts have been worked on rnds 19, 21 and 23, proceed with Rnd 24, working the sleeve dec’s at each marker only every 10th rnd as instructed (note that rnd 26 includes these dec’s, so after they are worked on that round, proceed to work them every 10th rnd after until they are complete).

The instructions following AT SAME TIME (at the top of the right column on page 97) are these same sleeve dec’s, detailed once more. After the initial set up on rnd 7, these sleeve dec’s will be worked 4 (4, 4, 5, 5) times total.

Pattern #10, Ribbed Vest

Photo on pages 65, instructions begin on page 97. 
Updated: 02Sept2015

‘RS’ and ‘WS’ are reversed throughout pattern. Pattern may be worked as written, just note that when complete the ‘RS’ as defined by the pattern (knit rows of rib) will be the WS of the fabric, and the ‘WS’ (p1, k1b rows of rib) will be the RS of the fabric.

Pattern #12, Cocoon Vest

Photo on page 67, instructions begin on page 98. 
Updated: 27Aug2015

Yarn weight symbol is incorrect, should show a ‘4’ weight.

Pattern #16, Open Front Cardigan

Updated: 23Nov2022 

Inc Row (RS) … – 2 sts inc’d (not dec’d)
Work 9 rows even.
Cont to inc 2 sts every 10th row as before *once* more and cont in stripe pat

Pattern #21, Graphic Sweater

Photo on page 76, instructions begin on page 108.
Updated: 25Jan2016 

Corrections for charts 3 and 6 are posted here. [PDF 21KB]

Pattern #22, Round-Neck Sweater

Photo on page 77, instructions begin on page 110. 
Updated: 21May2016

Correction is underlined.

Front, Neck shaping
Then working both sides at once, bind off 4 sts from each neck edge once, then dec 1 st each side every row on the next 6 rows—17 (20, 21, 23, 22, 25, 26) sts rem each side.

Pattern #24, Kimono-Style Pullover

Photo on page 78, instructions begin on page 112. 
Updated: 24Aug2015

Yarn weight symbol is incorrect, should show a ‘4’ weight.

Pattern #28, Double-Knit Beanie

Photo on pages 86 and 87, instructions begin on page 112.
Updated: 14Sept2015 

Note for working chart increases: When working the dLeft increase, the charted stitch following in the increase symbol represents the increased stitch, so the next stitch worked after the increase will be the stitch 2 boxes to the left of the dLeft increase. For example, in row 11, the dLeft increase is worked over a dk MC stitch, so the following box represents the dk MC stitch that is created in the increase, and the next stitch worked is the dk CC stitch, and so on.

When working the dRight increase, the charted stitch preceding the increase symbol represents then increased stitch. For example, in row 11, after working the 2 dk CC stitches before the last 2 charted stitches, the dRight increase is worked, creating the next 2 dk MC stitches.

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