Fall 2018

Pattern #8, Offset Triangle Shawl

Photo on page 63, instructions begin on page 90.
Updated: 13Dec2018

Corrections are underlined.

Lace Pattern Stitch (in D)
Row 2 (WS) K2, yo, p to last 5 sts, k2tog, sl 3 wyif.

After first weaving pattern:
[4 rows in garter st with B, 4 rows in garter st with C] 3 times…

Second lace pattern section should read:
26 rows in lace pat st with D;

Pattern #14, Yoke Patterned Cardigan

Photo on page 69, instructions begin on page 98.
Updated: 27Nov2018

Corrections are underlined.

Left Sleeve

Next row (RS) Attaching to the left back sts on hold on the waste yarn, graft (using kitchener st) the first 6 sts from the needle to 6 sts on hold (to join at the armhole), then seam the next 6 sts one at a time to the 8 rows worked straight on the back, sl the next 45 (53, 57, 61) sts into place on the circular needle (with the back sts), then sl the last 6 sts to a strand of waste yarn (to be worked tog for the armhole with the front later).

Sew side and sleeve seams.

Pattern #16, Lace Shawl

Photo on page 73, instructions begin on page 100.
Updated: 05Dec2018 

Corrections are underlined.

Beg chart 2
Row 1 (RS)…work row 1 of chart 2 over 84 sts… (for both chart 2 sections)
A revised chart 3, with the repeat marked from the first row, is posted here to download. [PDF 300KB]

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