Holiday 2014

Winter Whimsey

Photo on page 33, instructions begin on page 34.
Updated: 10Aug2015

After 4 rnds of lower edge are complete, change to larger needles.

Pattern #2, Beaded Scoop-Neck Tee

Photo on page 49, instructions begin on page 77.
Updated: 05Jul2018

Corrections are underlined.

Back, before beg chart
Cont in pat and narrow stripe sequence until 4 (5, 6, 7) reps of 6-row sequence have been worked…

Beg chart
Cont working chart in this way, foll shaping by inc’ing 1 st each side of row 5

Pattern #5, Lacy Batwing Pullover

Photo on page 52, instructions begin on page 81.
Updated: 30Oct2014

Corrections are underlined.

Delicato (B) is held double throughout.

25 sts and 34 rows = 4″/10cm over St st using size 4 (3.5mm) needles and 2 strands of B.

With A, cast on 59 (67, 75, 83) sts, with 2 strands of B, cast on 2 sts, with 2nd ball of A, cast on 59 (67, 75, 83) sts.

With RS facing and 2 strands of B, pick up and k…

Pattern #14, Garter and Cable Scarf

Photo on page 62, instructions begin on page 90.
Updated: 20Nov2014

Correction is underlined.

Row 6 K3, [k2, 4-st LC, p2] 3 times, k2, 4-st LC, k2, sl 1 wyif.

Pattern #16, Hooded Waistcoat

Photo on pages 64 and 65, instructions begin on page 91.
Updated: 02Mar2015

Corrections are underlined.

Back Armhole shaping
62 (86, 102) sts when armhole shaping is complete.

Cut yarn and place all sts on a holder, 16 (28, 36) sts each side for shoulders, 30 sts for back neck.

Left Front, Neck shaping
Dec 1 st at neck edge every row 12 (9, 8) times.
Work 2 (5, 6) rows even. Cut yarn, and place rem 16 (28, 36) sts on a holder.

Pattern #20, Cable and Chevron Top

Photo on page 69, instructions begin on page 95.
Updated: 30Oct2014

After completing rib and dec row, before Beg chart, change to larger needles.

Pattern #23, Modern Fair Isle Raglan

Photo on page 72, instructions begin on page 99.
Updated: 22Dec2014

1. Correction is underlined.

Clarification of marker placement in all yoke dec rnds: replace markers before all k3togs by slipping resulting st from k3tog back to LH needle, replacing marker, then slipping st back to RH needle. Replace markers after all SK2Ps. For example, under Yoke, Beg chart, work the repeated dec round as foll:

Next (dec) rnd Sl the last st of rnd to beg of rnd, [k3tog, sl resulting st back to LH needle and replace marker, sl st back to RH needle, k to 2 sts before marker, SK2P, replace marker after decrease, k to 1 st before next marker] twice—8 sts dec’d.

Following that round, replace the next 3 lines before ‘Short row shaping’ with the following correction:

Rep last rnd every other rnd 9 (10, 10, 11) times—144 (160, 184, 200) sts, 46 (54, 66, 74) sts for each front and back, 26 for each sleeve.

For sizes Medium, Large and X-Large only

Knit 1 rnd even, moving beg of rnd and 3rd markers 1 st to the right, and 2nd and 4th markers 1 st to the left—56 (68, 76) sts for each front and back, 24 sts for each sleeve.
Note: This dec rnd will dec 2 sts at each side edge of front and back, and no sts at the sleeve. Do not slip the last st from the sleeve to work first dec, work first dec over first 3 sts of back.
Next (dec) rnd [K3tog, k to 3 sts before marker, SK2P, k to marker, sl marker] twice—8 sts dec’d.
Rep dec rnd every other rnd 1 (4, 6) times more—144 sts. Move markers back to original positions, 46 sts for each front and back, 26 sts for each sleeve.

For All Sizes
Next rnd K to 3rd marker, k12, SK2P, k to end—142 sts.
Work short row shaping as directed.
In third to last line before finishing, With CC, k 1 rnd, p 1 rnd, k 4 rnds.

2. Download corrected chart. [PDF 18KB]

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