Holiday 2015

An Evening On The Beach

Photo on pages 62 and 63, instructions begin on page 104.
Updated: 20Oct2015

Due to length, the remainder of the instructions can be found here.

Pattern #2, Beaded Shawl

Photo on page 51, instructions begin on page 81.
Updated: 16Jun2016

1. A corrected Chart #2 is available for download. [PDF 37KB]

2. A corrected Chart #3 is available for download. [PDF 34KB]

3. Correction is underlined.
Beg chart 2
After first 24 rows of chart 2 are complete:
Work rows 1–24 of chart 2 once more, working 6 additional reps of 12-st rep.

Pattern #16 Hooded Top

Photo on page 70, instructions begin on page 96.
Updated: 15Jan2016

Correction is underlined.

Armhole Trim
Place markers at side edges of front and back approx 12″/30cm down from shoulder seams.

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