Late Winter 2019

Pattern #2, Mosaic Yoke Cardigan

Shown on page 41, instructions begin on page 69.
Updated: 15Jul2019

When working 3 repeats of Mosaic Pat 2, the second repeat should be shifted by 2 sts. A combined chart is posted here showing the shifted second repeat.

Pattern #4, Wrap

Shown on page 43, instructions begin on page 72.
Updated: 16Jul2019

A revised Boxes Chart is posted here.

Pattern #5, Garter Mosaic Cowl

Shown on page 44, instructions begin on page 73.
Updated: 11Mar2019

Corrections are underlined.

Before Beg Chart, with B, knit 1 rnd, purl 1 rnd.

A revised chart is posted here. First two chart rounds are worked with A, not B.

Pattern #6, Circular Wrap

Shown on page 45, instructions begin on page 74.
Updated: 7Mar2019

Correction is underlined.

A revised chart for Section 2 is posted here.

Beg mosaic section 3
Remove beg of rnd marker, slip 1 st to LH needle, replace marker.
As you work, check that section 3 motifs are centered above section 2 motifs.

Pattern #7, Beret

Shown on pages 46 and 47, instructions begin on page 74.
Updated: 12Mar2019

Correction is underlined.

2 balls of Zealana Air in #A02 tuscan red.

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