Spring/Summer 2005

Pattern #1

page 96 

Neck shaping
Place the 2 seed sts at each side of neck on holders for neck band. Bind off from each neck edge 5 sts once, 3 sts twice, 2(2, 2, 3, 3) sts once. Work even until same length as back. Bind off rem 12(14, 16, 17, 19) sts each side for shoulders.

Block pieces to measurements. Sew shoulder and side seams, leaving the last 6”/15.5cm open.

With circular needle and right side facing, pick up 80(80, 80, 84, 84) sts along neck edge, INCLUDING 4 seed sts on holders. Work in seed st for 4 rows. Bind off in pat.

Pattern #9

page 103 

Divide for Back and Fronts
Next row (WS)
 Work 47 (51, 56) sts
Work until there are 87 (97, 105) sts on RH needle and….

Neck shaping
AT THE SAME TIME. on the first RS row, work neck shaping by binding off 1 st at beg of next 10 RS rows, then *bind off 2 sts at beg of next RS row, bind off 1 st at beg of next 2 RS rows* rep between *’s twice more (for 22 sts dec’d at neck).

When working the sleeves, be sure that there is always a yo to compensate for each dec in every row to keep the st count the same. If not, then omit the yo or dec at the side edges.

Pattern #11, Hooded Pullover

photo on page 70, instructions begin on page 106 

Replace section as noted

Beg Right Front
Next row (RS) Cast on 19 (23, 28, 33) sts (for shoulder), cont in frost flowers to end-54 (58, 63, 68) sts.
Next row (WS) Work 34-st frost flower band and rem st in St st. Work even for 10 (12, 14, 16) rows.
Next (inc) row (RS) Work to 2 sts before the 34-st band, M1, k2, complete the 34-st band. Rep inc row every 8th row 9 times more-64 (68, 73, 78) sts. Place marker on both sides of last inc row. Work even until piece measures 14 ½ (15, 15 ½, 16)” /37 (38, 39.5, 40.4) cm from shoulder cast-on, end with RS row.
Next (inc) row (WS) Work 34 sts in frost flowers, inc 6 (6, 9, 8) sts evenly across rem St sts-70 (74, 82, 86) sts. Change to smaller needles.
Next row (RS) [K2, p2] 9 (10, 11, 12) times, work 34 sts in frost flowers. Work even in frost flowers and k2, p2 rib for 3”/7.5cm, end with WS row.
Next row (RS) Bind off 36 (40, 48, 52) rib sts, work to end. Work even on rem 34 sts in frost flowers for 1 ½”/38cm, end with RS row.

Beg Left Front
Next row (WS) Cast on 36 (40, 48, 52) sts for left front, work rem 34 sts in frost flowers– 70 (74, 82, 86) sts.
At this point, the RS and WS are reversed.
Next row (WS) Work 34 sts in frost flowers, [k2, p2] 9 (10, 11, 12) times to end of row. Continue in k2, p2 rib and frost flowers until 3”/7.5cm from cast-on row, end with a WS row. Change to larger needles.
Next row (RS) K and dec 6 (6, 9, 8) sts evenly across rib sts, work rem 34 sts in frost flowers – 64 (68, 73, 78) sts. Work even until same length as right front to marker, end with WS row.
Next (dec) row (RS) Work to last 4 sts in St st, k2, ssk, work pat to end.

Continue in pattern as written.

Regrettably, Trendsetter Yarns has discontinued Spiral, the yarn specified for this pattern. A suggested substitution is Lana Borgesia Gran Lasco, also carried by Trendsetter. For color information, contact www.trendsetteryarns.com.

Pattern #14

page 109 Download pattern chart. [PDF 261KB]

Pattern #19, Cropped Cardigan

pages 114-115


Left front band and collar

….Cont in seed st until band, when stretched slightly, fits to beg of neck shaping…

Pattern #23

page 118 

Rnd 1 *K3 (k2), p1, k2tog, yo, k5, yo, sskp1, k2;…

Download pattern chart [PDF 14KB]

Pattern #25

page 122-123 

The repeat at center of chart is a 24 sts rep. The repeat begs as shown with 2 rev st sts, and ends with a st st or SK2P, depending on the row. The final 2 rev st sts orig shown in chart are worked after rep is completed.

Pattern #26

page 120

Corrections are underlined

Yarn Box
Top yarn should be “Poppy”
Bottom yarn should be “Cosmos”

12 (14, 16, 18) 1 3/4 oz/50g ball (each approx 81yd/73m) of S.
Charles Collezione/Tahkio-Stacy Charles, Inc. Posh

Pattern #33

page 129 

Setup row (WS)
 Add 2nd yarn to MC and p3.
Row 13 With MC only, k into the front, back and front of st—3 sts.

With MC, cast on 36 sts.

Cont in leaf pat for 13 rows. Cut A….

Pattern #34, Crocheted Scarf

page 139


Row 3 Skip next 2 ch, ……………. of turning ch-5. Ch 5, turn.

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