Spring/Summer 2013

Pattern #1, Tie Back Tank

Photo on page 50, instructions begin on page 76.
Updated: 09Jul2013

1. Beg chart pat
Eliminate the selvage stitches when working the chart rows as foll:

Row 1 (RS) Work row 1 of chart to rep line, work 8-st rep 22 (23, 24, 25) times, work to end of chart.
Row 2 Work row 2 of chart to rep line, work 8-st rep 22 (23, 24, 25) times, work to end of chart.

2. Corrections are underlined.

Side shaping row 5 should read as foll:
Row 5 K1, SK2P, work in pat to last 4 sts, SK2P, k1.

Note that you are working chart rows 1–12, AT SAME TIME, repeating side shaping rows 3–8. In order to work the decs into the pattern, on rows 3, 4 and 5 omit the first and last yos in the row.

Pattern #4, Classic Lace Cardigan

Photo on page 53, instructions begin on page 79.
Updated: 28Feb2013

There was a typo in the fiber content of the yarn.
Kolláge Yarns Creamy Flamé is a blend of milk and cotton.

Pattern #6, Sheer Back Topper

Photo on page 55, instructions begin on page 81.
Updated: 19Mar2013

Change to larger needles for working the trellis st on the back of the piece.

Pattern #13, Patterned Cardigan

Photo on page 63, instructions begin on page 86.
Updated: 29Jun2013

Corrections are underlined.

Row 11
With MC, p10, *[p1-yo2] 3 times, p9; rep from * to marker ending last rep p3 (9, 3, 9, 3), sl marker, [p1, k1] twice, p1.

Pattern #14, Cropped Tank and Cardigan

Photo on page 64, instructions begin on page 88.
Updated: 21May2013

Corrections are underlined.

With smaller needles cast on 147 (155, 163, 171) sts.
Cont as written to
Dec row (WS) Rib 7, *dec 1 st, rib 11 (12, 12, 13) rep from * 8 times more, dec 1 st, rib to 2 sts before marker, dec 1 st, rib to end—136 (144, 152, 160) sts.

Pattern #16, Asymmetrical Draped Top

Shown on page 66, instructions begin on page 91.
Updated 10June2013

Correction is underlined.

Next (join and inc row) (RS) [K9 (9, 10), M1] 11 times, k to marker, sl 1, pm,… continued as written.

Pattern #18, Butterfly Sleeve Top

Shown on page 68, instructions begin on page 92.
Updated 20Jun2013

In the text of the Leaf Stitch (and not the chart) note that the k2togs on the WS (even numbered) rows should all be changed to p2togs.
The chart is correct.

Pattern #19, Lace and Bobble Tunic/Dress

Photo on page 69, instructions begin on page 93.
Updated: 22Apr2013

The following was omitted from the STITCH GLOSSARY
k1-b Knit 1 into the stitch in the row below the next stitch.

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