Winter 2000/2001

Pattern #5

Beg chart pat
…end with row 2 of 4th chart pat rep. See chart and symbol (below)

Pattern #6

Right Front Band 
[button loop A over next 20 sts, 20 sts in established rib] twice,…

Pattern #7

The needles should be size 5 (3.75mm). The circular needle should be size 5 (3.75mm). 
Stitch key should say: K on RS, p on WS and P on RS, k on WS.

Pattern #20

Beg chart pat

Row 1 (RS)…then work 20-st rep ending with st 28 (31, 34, 36, 39).

Stitch numbers along the bottom should read 1 through 41 not 39 (there are two #23’s).
Row 6: St 41 should be a purl st.

Pattern #30, Heirloom Jacket

Photo on pg 76, instrux beg on pg 115
Updated: 01Mar2011 

Corrections are underlined.

With smaller needles and C…..-110 (120, 132) sts. Join a 2nd strand C and k next row on WS for turning ridge.


Sew shoulder seams. With RS facing…..Work in St st for 2 rows, cont with AA only  as background and work chart rows 96 through 106.  Continue as written.

3. To knit bobbles
With size…….Next row  Sl 1, p4tog, pass the sl 1 over the p4tog.  Continue as written.

4. I-Cord flower trim
With dpn and G, cast on 4 sts.
Next row (RS) K4, do not turn. Sl sts to beg of needle to work next row from RS.
Rep last row until I-cord fits around outline of flower.  Bind off, sew in place around flower.

5. Seed st I-cord
With dpn and AA, cast on 4 sts.

6. CHART correction
Color Key

CC (box with x) should read BB ( 2 strands of gray)
CG (box with dot) should read BG ( 1 strand each gray and mustard)

Pattern #37, Counterpane Pullover

Photo on page 85, instructions begin on page 122.

Updated: 27Feb2019 

In row 1 of chart, purl stitches should be worked as M1 p-sts (8 sts inc’d to 10).
In row 70, there is an extra stitch at the left edge of the chart that should be omitted.

Pattern #39

31/2 oz/100g (each approx 55yd/50m) balls of Filatura Di Crosa/Tahki•Stacy Charles, Inc. Air Wool 

Armhole shaping
Next row (RS) K2, SKP, work to end. Work 1 row even. Rep last 2 rows 1 (2, 2, 2, 2) times more. Next row (RS) K2, SKP, work to end. Next row Work to last 4 sts, p2tog tbl, p2.

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