Winter 2005/06

COVER WRAP BERET, pattern on inside of wrap

Corrections are underlined


With size 15 (10mm) needle…

Next row *P to 2 sts before marker, p2tog, sl marker, rep from * three times more, sl marker, p to end—65 sts.

Next row *K to 2sts before marker, k2tog, sl marker; rep from * three times more, sl marker, k to end—61 sts.

Continue original instructions.

Pattern #2, Cropped Pullover

shown on p. 61, instructions start on p. 100 


This sweater can be worn 2 ways; the model is shown with the collar worn as if it were the lower hem.

This should help clarify the finishing instructions:

Lay the garment down WS facing up. Make sure the 3 markers are still in place along the long, straight edge (AKA outer edge) – one at center back, and 2 markers at 8(8.5)” from center back.

Fold the left front up and place its angled edge along the outer edge between the center marker and the marker to the left. Sew the angled edge in place along the outer edge. Repeat with the right front. The angled edges of the fronts now meet at the center back along the outer edge. Pin the edges of the fronts together where they meet above the center back and sew together for 3″. This is the center back neck.

Pin together the points of the shaped edges of the inner edge (AKA front neck edge). This gives you the neck opening, the center front neck is where the 2 points meet. Now with smaller needles, begin at the center back neck (the 3″ seam) and pick up & K 100 sts around the neck opening, working across the center front neck. Work collar as per instructions.

The sleeve openings are formed by what’s left of the outer edge. Pick up the sleeves from either side of the outer markers to the point where the fronts are joined to the outer edge.

Pattern #7, Trapper Hat

instructions on p. 105

Correction is underlined.


Rnd 5 *P2, 2-st RC, 2-st LC; rep from * around. Rep rnds 1-5 twice more, work rnds 1-4 once more.
Next rnd *P2tog, 2-st RC, 2-st LC; rep from * around—50 sts. Next 3 rnds *P1, k4; rep from *.
Next (dec) rnd…

Pattern #8, Big Cabled Pullover

photo on page 69, instrux on begin on page 105

Pattern #28, Evening Shrug

photo on p. 89, instructions on p. 129 

Correction is underlined.


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