Winter 2012/13

Pattern #1, Shawl Collar Vest

Photo on page 47, instructions begin on page 78.
Updated: 21Apr2013

1. A corrected stitch key is available to download. [PDF 20KB]

2. The neck shaping for the left front in the 2X size should read as follows:
…AT SAME TIME, shape neck by working decs before collar marked every 4th row 11 times, then every 2nd row 1 times… cont as written.

Pattern #2, Slant Cable Pullover

Photo on page 48, instructions begin on page 79.
Updated: 05Sep2013

In chart row 47 the last cable worked should be a 6-st RC.

Corrections are underlined.

Read before cont to knit.
Cont to work braid cable as established and rep the slant row every 7th row once, then every 6th row 14 (15, 16) times more.
When slant row falls on row 3 of braid cables work as foll: P to 1 st before cable, 6–st RSC, k3, pfb, p to 1 st before cable, pfb, k3, 6-st LSC, p to end.

Cont as written to:
Work even for 4 rows or until piece measures approx 13 3/4 (14 1/2, 15 1/4)”/35 (37, 39)cm from beg, end with a WS row. The center cable chart will continue throughout a portion of the armhole, when the chart is complete, work these sts in rev St st to the back placket opening.

Armhole shaping
Note that at this point, the cables will be slanting inwards towards the center beg in the first armhole row.
Next row (RS) Bind off 3 (4, 4) sts, work slant row as foll: work to 1 st before the first cable, pfb, work next 8 sts of cable pat then ssk last st of cable tog with first st in reverse St st, work to 1 st before next cable, k2tog next purl st with first st from cable, work 8 sts of cable pat, pfb, work to end. Rep this slant row every other row 9 times, then every 4th row twice, then every 6th row using the cable slant method as established on cable rows. When slant row falls on row 7 of braid cables, work as foll: Work to 1 st before the first, cable, pfb, k3, 6-st LSC, work to next cable, 6-st RSC, k3, pfb, work to end.
AT SAME TIME, cont to shape armhole at beg of next WS row as foll: bind off 3 (4, 4) sts then work the first and last set of sts outside of the cables in red bean st beg with row 2 to end of piece, THEN, bind off 2 sts at beg of next 2 (4, 6) rows, then dec 1 st each side every other row 6 times, then every 4th row once—82 (84, 88) sts.

Inc row 2 (WS)
Rib 18 (18, 20) sts; p2, pfb, p2, pfb, p1; k2; p2, pfb, p2, pfb, p1; rib to end—56 (56, 60) sts.

…Work even until piece measures 15½“/39.5cm from beg, end with a WS row.
Replace next paragraph with the following INCLUDING CHART 2 [25KB PDF]:
Beg chart 2
Row 1 (RS)
Work to next cable, work row 1 of chart 2, work to end—86 (90, 94) sts. (Note that row 1 is the only inc row in chart.).
Cont to foll chart in this manner, AT SAME TIME, when row 12 of chart 2 is complete, (piece measures approx 17”/43cm from beg), shape cap as foll:
Cap shaping
Bind off 3 sts at beg of next 2 rows, bind off 2 sts at beg of next 6 (8, 10) rows—68 sts.
Dec 1 st at beg of every row 14 (12, 10) times. Then dec additional 2 sts across each braid cable panel. Dec 1 st at beg of next 4 (4, 8) rows and eliminating the cable sts—46 (48, 48) sts.
Work 3 rows even.
Dec 1 st each side every other row twice, dec 1 st each side every 4th row once, dec 1 st each side every other row twice. Bind off 2 sts at beg of next 2 rows, bind off 3 sts at beg of next 2 rows. Bind off rem 26 (28, 28) sts.

Collar Trim
replace row 3 as foll:
Row 3 K1, 4-st RC, k1.

Pattern #3, Foldover Neck Topper

Photo on page 49, instructions begin on page 80.
Updated: 14Feb2014

Correction is underlined.

Beg chart pats
Row 1 (RS)
Work 15 (19, 23, 27, 31) sts in double seed st….cont as written.

Pattern #7, Textured Dress

Photo on page 53, instructions begin on page 86.
Updated: 15Feb2013 

Corrections are underlined.

1. 6-st LC Sl 3 sts to cn and hold to front, k3, k3 from cn.

Set-up row 1 (RS)
Sl 1, p1, [k2, p6, k2] twice, p1, k1.
Set-up row 2 Sl 1, k1, [p2, k6, p2] twice, k1, p1.
Beg chart 3
Next row Sl 1, work row 1 of chart 3, k1.
Next row Sl 1, work row 2 of chart 3, p1.
Cont to work chart in this way through row 20. Rep rows 5–20 for 3 times more, then rep rows 5–14 without working bobbles.

reading all rows from right to left
Row 10 Stitch 6 should be a pink box, stitch 10 should be a white box.
Row 12 Stitch 7 should be a pink box, stitch 9 should be a white box, stitch 19 should be a pink box.
Rows 13 and 15 Stitch 19 should be a pink box.

The center 2 stitches in row 11 should be pink boxes.

Sleeve cap
Next (inc) row (RS) Knit, inc 1 st each side—44 (48, 52) sts.
Next row (WS) Sl 1, p0 (0, 0), k5 (7, 9), p1, [p1, k8, p1] 3 (3, 4) times, p1, k5 (7, 0), p1 (1, 0).
Beg chart 5
Note When working chart 5 for sleeve cap do not make bobbles.
Next row (RS) Sl 1, beg with st 5 (3, 1), work to end of chart, work 10-st rep 3 (3, 4) times across, rep sts 1–6 (1–8, 0) once more, k1.
Cont to work chart in this way until row 8 is complete.

2. Corrected charts #1 and #4 are now available. [PDF 29KB]

Pattern #8, Textured Jacket

Photo on page 54, instructions begin on page 88.
Updated: 15Nov2013

Corrections are underlined.

Under ‘Sleeves’, ‘Beg chart #2’:
Cont working chart #2 in this way, changing needle sizes as foll: Cont with size 7 (4.5mm) needle for a total of 40 chart rows, or 5½”/14cm.
Beg chart #1
Change to size 6 (4mm) needle and beg with row 29 of chart #1, work 16 rows (rows 29–36 of chart #1, then rows 1–8).

Cont to work needle changes and rows as written, working chart #1 to row 36, then rep rows 1–36 to end.

Chart key
The definitions for ssk and k2tog should be reversed, the right slanting decrease is the k2tog and the left slanting decrease is the ssk.

Pattern #9, Textured Cardigan

Photo on page 55, instructions begin on page 89.
Updated: 15Feb2013

A corrected chart #1 is available to download. [PDF 42KB]

Pattern #11, Cowl Neck Vest

Photo on page 62, instructions begin on page 92.
Updated: 09Jan2013

A corrected stitch key is available to download. [PDF 61KB]

Pattern #12, Textured Turtleneck

Photo on page 59, instructions begin on page 93.
Updated: 29Feb2013

1. A corrected chart 2 is now available. [PDF 18KB]

2. Correction is underlined.

19 sts and 22 rows over twist st texture pat = 4”/10cm, using size 10½ (6.5mm) needles

Pattern #13, Helix Cabled Vest

Photo on page 60, instructions begin on page 94.
Updated: 13Jun2013

1. The definition of the 5-st LPC in the stitch glossary should read as follows:

Sl 3 sts to cn and hold to front, p2, k3 from cn.

2. 2 symbols in the stitch key are mis-named.

6-st BPC should be 6-st RPC, and 6-st FPC should be 6-st LPC.

Pattern #14, Cabled Turtleneck

Photo on page 61, instructions begin on page 97.
Updated: 15Feb2013

Change to larger needles when row 8 is complete.

Pattern #20, Open Front Pullover

Photo on page 67, instructions begin on page 103.
Updated: 15Nov2013

Correction is underlined.

Join Fronts

Note Stitch counts are given counting 29 sts over stitch pattern.

Work even if necessary, until 18 rows of pat st have been worked 4 times and rows 1–13 have been worked once more, then work as foll:

Row 14 (RS) P2, p2tog, SSK, k3, k2tog, pfb, p13, pfb, SSK, k3, k2tog, p2tog, p2—33 sts.
Row 15 K3, p5, k17, p5, k3.
Row 16 P1, p2tog, ssk, k1, k2tog, pfb, p15, pfb, ssk, k1, k2tog, p2tog, p1—29 sts.
Row 17 K2, p3, k19, p2, k2.
Row 18 P2, SK2P, [pfb] twice, p15, [pfb] twice, SK2P, p2—29 sts.

Cont with ‘On next row, dec 5 sts between markers each side—54 (58, 64, 68, 72, 76) sts.’

Pattern #25, Men’s Reverse Fair Isle Cardigan

Photos on pages 72 and 73, instructions begin on page 108.
Updated: 25Feb2013

Corrections are underlined.

With smaller circular needle and A, cast on 168 (178, 188) sts using tubular cast-on method. After working 2 rows in tubular cast on, work as foll:
Row 1 (RS) *P1, k1; rep from *?to end.
Buttonhole row (WS) Rib 3, using one-row buttonhole (see note above), bind off 3 sts, cast on 4 sts (to complete buttonhole), rib 2, work in pat as established to last 8 sts, rib 2, bind off 3 sts, cast on 4 sts (to complete buttonhole), rib 3.
Work even in rib for 21 rows more.
Row 23 Rep buttonhole row.
Row 24 Work even in rib.
Change to larger circular needle.
Row 25 (RS) Rib 8 (front band), pm, purl to last 8 sts, rib 8 (front band).
Next row (WS) Rib 8, knit to last 8 sts, rib 8.

Pattern #27, Men’s Color Ban Pullover

Photos on pages 76, instructions begin on page 111.
Updated: 07Apr2014

Corrections are underlined.

Separate for front and back
Next rnd Bind off 2 sts, remove marker, bind off next 2 sts, k to 2 sts before the side seam marker, turn, placing rem 108 (114, 120, 126) sts on a st holder for front.

Work as written to Front.
Return to the 108 (114, 120, 126) sts on hold for front and join yarn ready to work a RS row.
Next row (RS) Bind off 4 sts, k to end.
Cont as written, working a WS purl row, then dec row.

Pattern #28, Textured Stripe Pullover

Photos on pages 77, instructions begin on page 112.
Updated: 20Aug2013

In stitch key for chart, a pink square should indicate P on RS, K on WS.

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