Winter 2018/19

Pattern #1, Cabled Poncho

Photo on page 42, instructions on page 69.
Updated: 11Feb2019

Correction is underlined.

Back, after Join to work body:
Dec rnd Keeping in pat over all sections, sl beg of rnd marker, *dec 1 over first 2 sts at beg of Check pat, work to next Check pat section, dec 1 over first 2 sts, work Back center panel, work to last 2 sts of next Check pat section and dec 1 over these 2 sts, work to last 2 sts of next Check pat section and dec 1 over these 2 sts, work to end of next cable; rep from * once more—372 sts.

Short row shaping
Short row 2 (WS) Work in pats 1 st before the front large cable panel, w&t.

Pattern #4, Diamond Poncho

Photo on page 45, instructions begin on page 74.
Updated: 02Jan2019

A corrected chart posted here [PDF 280KB].

Pattern #6, Cable Front Cardigan

Photo on page 47, instructions on page 78.
Updated: 05Feb2019

A corrected chart posted here [PDF 304KB].

Pattern #9, Flicker Poncho

Photo on page 54, instructions begin on page 82.
Updated: 02Aug2019

Clarification of last repeat is underlined.

Flame Stitch
Row 4 With B, p2, *p1, wrapping yarn twice, p3; rep from * to last 3 sts, p1, wrapping yarn twice, p2.

Pattern #14, Striped Pullover & Scarf

Photo on page 60, instructions on page 85.
Updated: 05Feb2019

Corrections are underlined.

After Rnd 4 of yoke:
Cut A and change to larger needle.

Pattern #16, Winter Lake Stole

Photo on pages 62 and 63, instructions on page 87.
Updated: 25Jun2019

A corrected chart key and Bargello Slip Stitch Fade chart are posted here. [PDF 1.6MB]

Correction is underlined.

Fade Section 1, slip stitch rib pat

Row 3 Sl 1 wyib, sl1 wyif, k1, *sl 1 wyib, k1; rep from * to last 4 sts, sl 1 wyib, k1, sl 1 wyif, p1.

Pattern #18. Offset Triangle Shawl

Photo on page 67, instructions on page 88.
Updated: 19Feb2019

Corrections are underlined.

Pat segment 9
Cont in garter st with shaping as established, as foll:
[2 rows A, 2 rows B] 3 times, 50 rows A. There are 216 sts at end of last row. Cut A.

Pat segment 10
Row 1 (RS) With B, k1, work chart to rep line, work 8-st rep 25 times, work to end of chart, kfb.
Row 2 (WS) P2, yo, work in chart as established to last 2 sts, p2tog.
Next 28 rows Cont to work chart in this way, working inc/dec pat, until rows 1–12 have been worked twice, then rep rows 1–6 once more.
Knit 3 rows. Bind off loosely.

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