Fall 2020

Pattern #1 Platonia

Photo on page 37, instructions begin on page 65.
Updated: 07Oct2020

Stitch Glossary
3-st RC Sl 1 st to cn, hold to back, k2, k1 from cn.

Pattern #6 Social

Photo on page 46, instructions begin on page 69.
Updated: 27Feb2021

Correction is underlined.

Beg brick pat
Cut D and join F.

Pattern #7 Soiree

Photo on page 47, instructions begin on page 70.
Updated: 20Oct2020

1. Charts for all stitch patterns are posted here. [PDF 274KB]

2. Correction is underlined.

Under Back, after the rib has been worked: Cut A and join B. Theremainder of the back is worked in B.