Late Winter 2020

Pattern #1 Overlapping Patches

Shown on pages 38 and 39, instructions begin on page 59.
Updated: 02Aug2020

An additional chart is posted here, with colors blocked out by letter. [PDF 122KB]

Pattern #9 Vibes

Shown on page 50, instructions begin on page 68.
Updated: 17Mar2020

Correction is underlined.

Amounts of Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts Merino DK Light Worsted are reversed:
5 (6, 7, 8) hanks in river rock (gray DC)
4 (5, 6, 6) hanks in spectacle (yellow LC)

Pattern #12 Kyoto

Shown on page 53, instructions begin on page 72.
Updated: 23Apr2020

In Cable Lace Chart, row 1, the cable after the repeat should be a 5-st RC.

A revised Cable Lace Chart is posted here. [PDF 371]

Stitch Glossary
Under the definition for yf sl1yo, omit ‘The slipped st and yo are counted as 1 st’. The slipped st and yarn over are counted as 2 sts in the following row.

Under the definition for yf sl2yo, this counts as 3 sts (not 2), and the k3tog on next row is worked over these sts.