Rolled Edge Cast On

(using 2 colors)
With color A, make slip knot as if to work long tail cast on. Holding 2 circular needles in RH, place slip knot on top needle. Place tail of yarn over LH index finger toward back of hand and working yarn over LH thumb, as if to work a long-tail cast on.
*Bring the tail yarn under the lower needle, over the top of this needle and between the two needles (making loop around lower needle) and bringing yarn back under top needle.
Bring thumb yarn between the needles, then over the top of the top needle.
Rep from * until required number of stitches have been cast on to each needle.
Next row
Flip work so the top needle is now the lower needle and cont with A, knit these sts.
Next row
Flip work once more and with color B, knit the sts on this needle.
Cont as instructed in pattern.

Single color version of this cast on method is also called Judy Becker’s Magic Cast On.